For Buyer

"I desperately needed to sell my house at a time when I had so much going in my life! I cannot believe how much Costa helped and made it easy for me! He was thorough and professional, he explained every step of the process to me and asked me the permission to proceed further. He offered his professional advice on how to get my house ready for the sale market which helped to get a very good price. It feels good to do business with someone you trust. That is why I will recommend him whenever my friends need to sell or buy a house. Thanks Costa!"


"My husband and I bought the house soon after coming to Canada. None of us knew anything about the market here and we also didn't know much about houses in general. We did not know what to look for in a house, how houses were built in Canada and how the prices were calculated. We didn't know anyone here either and so it was difficult to ask around and gather information. Costa helped us not only to find a house but also to know what to look for in a house. He pointed out things that could cause problems or that would need repairs which we found really helpful at the time. Knowing the pros is great, but also being aware of the cons is fundamental. We are really happy with our choice now. Thank you Costa."